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    Any comment on how you were feeling when you finally got to a working charger? Had you lots trust in the estimated miles remaining by that point – I would have 😉 Do you know what % was left in the battery when you started charging (it’s in the email sent to you when you start charging if you have that setup and it’s shown on the dash)?

    I have noticed already that, contrary to expectations, steady motorway driving at around 57mph will give you a better mpkWh rating than slower driving in a suburban environment. The only ‘catch’ is that hills are much more expensive if you are travelling fast.Something like the M40 which is pretty flat overall (if I remember correctly) would be a good stretch of road for testing 🙂



    It was about 2 months so I don’t have the email now, and yes I was starting to worry a lot. When I got to Renault
    martins and saw the charger I was very happy and we all walked to the pub to get some thing to eat while it charged.

    it said 3hours something and I think it was about 16%. I’ve had lots of things go wrong like software, R-link, windows at the back stopped working, and the heater failed, but as for range I can get over 100 miles fairly easy.

    Renault in Milton Keynes just don’t seem to care about the car, and are very unhelpful, so they let the car down. But I do like the car very much and I will say it is my main car,


    Trevor Larkum

    Eunicholas, welcome!

    That range sounds very impressive – it sounds like I should give up the slow speed tests and get on the motorway instead. I don’t understand, however, how it fits in with Nosig’s data which would predict about 80 miles range at 57mph.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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