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    As I walked away from Zoe, I heard her lock as usual, but the key was on the driver’s seat!
    This is the second time I’ve witnessed this scary fault, first time at home and the second key was to hand. But yesterday I had to borrow a car and drive 40 miles to get the spare.The dealer was baffled,get away,and now I’ll carefully store the metal key on the outside of the car.At least then I’ll have access to the passenger door, and may retrieve the main key.RFI and NFC whatever next?


    Trevor Larkum

    That is very odd. I can’t think what could cause it to lock at all, never mind with the keycard still inside. Could it not be being recognised – in other words it might benefit from a change of battery?

    Also, maybe test both keycards to see if it’s the car or one of the keycards. Maybe the car has stopped detecting keycards.



    Happened to my wife, she opened passenger door, put her bag on passenger seat and as she walked around car it locked.
    Turned out her mobile phone was blocking the keycard signal so car thought keycard was not present. She now keeps her keycard in her bag pocket separate from phone.
    A low battery would do the same as Trevor suggests.



    Thanks Mo, battery was recently replaced.I now keep a metal key secreted on the car exterior, for the next time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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