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    Trevor Larkum

    Yesterday, more than a year after pre-ordering my ZOE, I finally had the opportunity to take a test drive in a ZOE. The vehicle had been the showroom
    [See the full post at: ZOE Test Drive – 1]



    My test drive last Thursday was a very pleasant one, I tried the acceleration a lot and the braking. I was amazed at how much power you regained by braking, and equally amazed that the AC took almost no power, spent like 0.2kW on a 45min ride on the AC.
    I tried ALL the functions on the R-Link and found it very simple to use and it had a lot of cool features.
    I think I pressed all the buttons and also figured out that after a charge you had to press the release button. I even tried the ionizer and the smelly thingie…
    However, can anyone tell me how to get the ZE-Voice activated? I searched online but there seems to be no information yet. I was unable to ask the Renault people since they just gave me the keys, the car was brand new (first to drive it) and the people in the store knew much less than me (the car arrived in the store while I was there).



    It’s good to hear that the heat pump AC is working well in real world conditions too. To help answer the ‘ZE Voice’ button question, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the three controls under the left side of the steering column. See the below link for a picture of where I am talking about: http://tinypic.com/r/5djpfm/5. I believe these controls (from left to right) are electric charging port flap release, headlight angle?, ZE Voice on /off. I imagine that the voice must be changed (to one of the three options) through the R-link touch screen?



    Thanks Andy, I will try them out on my next test drive.
    Another question I asked the Renault sales rep was about if there was a SIM card in the ZOE so that I could track it if it was stolen. I was told there was and he pointed on the SD card (I realized later when I was alone in the car fiddling with all the buttons and controls).
    I realize that the ZOE is using the bluetooth from my iPhone, which is ok for reading mails and calling etc from the car while driving. But if the car is stolen it might not be with my phone in it, so how could I locate it?



    @perlyngemark: The Zoe must have a SIM card; otherwise the R-Link features like checking on charging status wouldn’t work when the client device was out of Bluetooth range.



    Yes, the Zoe has a sim card and a gprs connection over the 2G phone network. I guess we ‘pay the phone bill’ through a combination of the R-Link subscription and the battery lease.

    I’ve not seen anything about what might happen if it was unable to phone home regularly. For instance, with old Sky boxes they needed to phone home once a month or they blocked subscription services.

    Regarding the SD Card slot on the front, I noticed that it was being used by the TomTom mapping data and removing that SD Card stopped TomTom from working. I don’t know if that’s the case for all Zoes or just the test-drive cars but it wouldn’t be great if you had to remove your satnav data to use the slot for other stuff. I did remove it, to see, and the satnav shuts down with a warning that the maps were unavailable. Plugging the card back in immediately re-enabled the satnav.


    Trevor Larkum

    However, can anyone tell me how to get the ZE-Voice activated?

    I believe these controls (from left to right) are electric charging port flap release, headlight angle?, ZE Voice on /off.

    Yes – see the 4th picture here:

    Zoe VIP Evening Part 2

    There’s some general information on the R-Link here:


    – I would think the SIM connection cost is covered by the Connect Pack/Interactive Pack charges.



    I only suggested the battery lease might pay for some of it because that would be how they can disable the battery charging if you don’t pay the lease and the T&Cs of the lease agreement do make it clear they track and gather data regarding the battery – condition, charge frequency, usage, fast-charge usage etc.

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