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    Hi Guys,

    I was thinking it would be good to have a sticky (please Trev?!) of helpful hints and tips on the Zoe. Whether it be a setting in the stereo, or a door open, pedal down, touch your nose and honk the horn to reset the flux capacitor.

    So, fire away 🙂

    There are several different “Sounds” settings. One seems to be system sounds, anotehr for Navigation sounds (if memory serves) and another for the the stero settings. My tip here, search out the settings that allow Bass/
    Treble changes… on this screen the Arkamys sound system has a built in powerful mode that was OFF for me by
    default. Enabling this seriously improved the sound of the stereo!



    Zoe has a flux capacitor? Cool!

    Any Back to The Future fan will know that the flux capacitor kicks in at 88mph.

    Unfortunately Zoe is limited to 84mph. That’s why none of us have managed time travel yet.

    Which is a shame because it’s a great feature to travel back in time and recover the time spent charging. I imagine that’s why Renault put a flux capacitor in it.



    >Unfortunately Zoe is limited to 84mph. That’s why none of us have managed time travel yet.

    Which is just as well, its hard enough to find a working charger now; that’s not going to get any easier in 1885…



    To be fair, mine topped out at 86mph the other day, on my private stretch of tarmac of course.

    Back on topic… hints and tips?



    erm……. my zoe goes to 87 mph….once it reached 88 on a downhill stretch of motorway…. can safely report no time travel occured…. maybe needed the professor to hook me up to a bolt of lightening…

    tips and tricks…. we going to need more writing space me thinks…



    You’re all very very naughty! Anyone beaten 88?

    Back on topic… hints and tips?

    This forum has a ‘fun’ tendency to digress wildly off the original thread. I think this has become the “who went fastest and how to activate your flux capacitor” thread! 🙂

    Good idea to get Trevor to set up a sticky thread though. As jit187 says, could be a popular one. I’ve not had mine long enough to know any tips that aren’t obvious though.



    Don’t worry about ending in an other era, the Zoe doesn’t have sufficient Jiggawatts to allow the flux capacitor to work. Maybe if you rig a “Mr Fusion” to your roof? Downside is you’ll probably knock a few miles off the range.

    My top tip, check your tyre pressure, dealerships don’t have a clue, they pump all tyres up to 34PSI.



    Useful Tip?
    For those occasional tip-trips etc, the rear seat backrest can be easily removed (without the need to remove the head-restraints). Simply prod the pivot-point-hooks with a broad-blade screwdriver and Robert is your aunty’s husband. Add a spray of spray grease to the joints to make it easier next time. Reinstating the backrest is a no-tools no-brainer.



    erm……. my zoe goes to 87 mph

    Mine goes to 11! 😀

    The cruise control button is a bit weird (my previous cruise-control car never had something as archaic as a physical switch!), but you can leave it on all the time; making it easier to knock on/off without fumbling for it (don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s not even visible from where I sit driving!).

    Creep is disabled by the handbrake; so it seems fine to use the handbrake to take your foot of the pedals at lights – you don’t need to select park/neutral. Be warned, however, the handbrake doesn’t activate Hill Start Assist, so if on a hill, put your foot back on the brake and take the handbrake off before going to move away!

    Voice control is absolutely useless. Set common places/family as Favourites and use the touch screen (hit the Home button and there’s a Star at the bottom of the screen; very easy to get to).



    I’ve seen lots of folk say creep is disabled because they can’t see any kw being used. However it’s definitely not instant. My handbrake will need a tighten at next service but if you don’t pull it all the way on, sat just one click, it’s enough to register the handbrake is applied (handbrake light on dash) but the car pulls itself along, just.

    It does stop pulling eventually, at which point the car will start rolling back if once slope. Nearly rolled into a police car a couple of weeks back before I noticed the handbrake needed a tweak. They actually reversed back smiling, probably thought “check the noob in the EV”.

    Another top tip, if you do a short commute, drive and enjoy and don’t worry about range. My car says 51mikes remaining on 79-ish battery. Driven quick and still getting 3mpkwh, been really enjoying the car too.

    Top tip, learn to drive gentle to maximise range, but only use when your covering a big distance. Don’t ruin your enjoyment of this great wee checkable car.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 134 total)

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