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    Hi has anyone bought granny charger ? If so dies it work, how long will it take to chargefrom 0 to 100% please the price on ebay is crazy £525



    You have a cable that delivers a full charge in ideal conditions in 10-12 hours. It’s useful for an overnight charge from a standard 3-pin 13amp domestic plug when away from your own home charger, or for an emergency short charge from anyone willing to let you use a domestic socket if a ‘proper’ charge point would be out of reach with your current battery level. I know these cables are expensive, even if you manage to find a discounted one,but by golly they give one a bit of security. I frequently do a 100 mile trip with only one available charger on the route; once it was down and I’m very glad the restaurant we went to allowed me to put a maintenance charge in from a power point near the door.



    Although I never intended to buy one; we did get one free from Renault because our home chargepoint was dead-on-arrival. We went to Poole on holiday, and basically our holiday would’ve been ruined without it (due to poor/faulty CYC/Polar points), but because of it (and Haven letting us charge at the caravan overnight) everything went fine!

    I posted about it here:


    I wouldn’t go without one now! Electricity may be everywhere, but it’s only helpful if you can get at it. 3pin sockets are everywhere; working Type-2s and Rapids are not (yet) 🙁




    Also how do you turn the radio off please ?

    I select the Auxiliary input, as I never plug anything into it.

    The problem with muting, as previously suggested, is that it unmutes the next time you switch the car on.



    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to set the ‘see me home’ function as default to 30s? I know you park up and you pull the indicator leaver it leaves the lights of for 30s that time, but next time you have to manually set it again I’d like to do it every time when I leave the car.



    I don’t think there’s anything to ‘set’ or ‘store’. You just flick the indicator as you describe when getting out. Every flick you do provides 30 secs of light. Saving power I guess!



    Hi does anyone know if you can view your photo or video from your iphone to the screen please?



    Hi sandy do you know if you are able to see your photo from phone on the screen?




    Anyone received a message stating BATTERY CHARGING IMPOSSIBLE??

    Cant charge at all?





    Hi Duracell, have look at canZE red nose fault here http://canze.fisch.lu/resetting-the-charger-from-an-error-situation/
    We have all had this but not as serious as it sounds, lock car and leave for at least five mins and should clear

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 133 total)

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