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    @harry no you can’t stream images/video direct from any phone to the screen. You need to put pictures on a USB and then you can view them. Not worth the bother unless your planning on a Back to the Future mock-up spoof.

    @Duracell as Mo said, its nothing major (poor translation from French). It should say “Battery charge was not possible”. Lock the car, walk away for 5mins, the error message will reset and you’ll be able to charge (dodgy posts usually trigger this message, try again and if it occurs again then move to another post).



    Wish I new that tip a few months ago when a hire one got this message .
    Suffice to say I was told at the time to lock unlock drive around a few hundred yards and try again. That failed as did driving to another charge point.
    A trip on a breakdown truck reset it but it still refused to charge on another charger a rapid Ecotricity one. It did charge at a 7kW one but only after I tricked it into charging at 3kw.
    In conclusion that put me off purchasing the 43kw model in fear of this issue and hoping , maybe naively that the R240 had sorted out this issue through either charging at a slower rate and/or newer hardware under the bonnet . Only time will tell …


    manchester man

    Hi all,

    Picking up my new Zoe on Monday. Can someone point me the right direction for public charging in Manchester? There seems to be a number of companies. polar don’t seem to offer much around here.

    Some useful posts but haven’t seen this (am sure it’s here though)




    Hi @manchester man & Welcome,
    I was in Manchester last year and in car parks was able to use my charge your car card (CYC) at the GMEV charge points.

    Have a look on http://www.plugshare.com/# also recommend plugshare app for your phone there are lots of good features allowing you to comments on CPs, post pictures etc.



    BTW you can download the CYC app to start/end charges until you get a card from them, but some enclosed car parks don’t get a good phone signal.

    Apply here for card here…. http://chargeyourcar.org.uk/ev-driver/

    and for motorway service areas …… http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/for-the-road/charge-your-vehicle



    I’m really disappointed with the experience on few chargers in Sheffield I had, been to few charger and was not able to charge , Meadow hall 2 type 2 on the wall not working with Zoe , carver lane car park in Sheffield, was not working with Zoe , went to seaside Bridlington , podpoint charger was not working with Zoe . Went to premiere inn in Dudly (Birmingham) charge master wasn’t working with Zie , I’m not happy with Renault at all I think they don’t care about their customers.



    Polar is very greedy they want £8 per month. I had to cancel it . Too expensive, most of their charger does not work with zoe anyway. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽



    Yep agree Polar are asking too much for charge points that often have earthing issues with Zoe, the only one’s in my area are at Asda stores and most do not work with Zoe, all other CPs here are CYC which are great, hardly ever have any issues with them.
    I think some of the probs you are having may also be due to poorly earthed CPs.



    Just drove 100 meters with my new ZOE to get indication of Tyre pressure and a minute later puncture warning
    I went back to the dealership where they followed the steps in the manual to reset it by “Learning the Tyre Pressure” but it keep appearing and I kept resetting it couple of times .
    There is no evidence of flat tyre or puncture at all .

    Does anyone can advise how to reset this warning ?!



    Hi Ariel, does it tell you which trye is showing low pressure? if it does it may be a faulty valve sensor on a wheel.

    Is this how they reset it at dealers….

    1. inflate the tyres to the right pressure (36 psi) Important to have all set the same.
    2. set the dash display at the “Learning the Tyre Pressures”
    3. press both the buttons (back and forward buttons) on the tip of the stalk at the same time until the “Learning …” message pulses hold for a few seconds.
    2. Now the current tyre pressure is set as reference value, so in case one of the tyres goes below that value you’ll get a message on the dash.

Viewing 10 posts - 111 through 120 (of 134 total)

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