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    Dear all,

    Looking to retrofit a reverse camera and parking sensors for SH MY2014 Renault Zoe. Does anyone has some tips? Has this been done, is ot difficult to adapt the R-Link to support it, are the cables already in place or need to be wired?
    Many thanks



    Does anyone know exactly how Zoe software calculates the recent m/kWh figures (which understandably fluctuate with temperature and driving style) it displays and how this relates to the displayed range available when 100% charged? And why the latter isn’t simply – sometimes not even approximately – the nominal battery capacity times the former? With apologies if this has been answered before – I am new to EVs.



    Hi my Zoe was bought in February 2019 and now it doesn’t show the clock anymore. And it doesn’t let me define the new time. Is this a bug?

Viewing 4 posts - 131 through 134 (of 134 total)

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