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    Agree totally with Sandy.

    I sit with my foot on the brake and notice if you lift off gently, it takes a second or so before the car notices and starts to creep.

    ECO mode, which I never use, I found useful in London, not just to save some juice, but also to limit the performance so you don’t accidentally speed past a camera or some other misdemeanor they seem keen to catch you for.


    Trevor Larkum

    I was thinking it would be good to have a sticky (please Trev?!) of helpful hints and tips on the Zoe.

    I’m happy to give it a go – stickied.

    Some random tips/ideas:

    1. I reset the A odometer at the start of a long trip, and the B odometer after each charge so I can track total and trip mileages: top button on right-hand stalk.
    2. Use the button to the left of the dash to select the display that shows how much energy you’re using when accelerating and regenning.
    3. I keep a USB cable in the glove box – what’s worse than running out of charge is doing it with a phone that’s out of charge!
    4. I also keep a mini wallet of charge cards in the glove box. (together that’s the glove box about full!)



    How do you switch between A/B trip meters? I’ve only noticed the A, and wondered why it showed an A if there was only one!



    That is a good one for charging impossible: https://twitter.com/cgiAlexis/status/570700308847968256?s=09
    whilst car is plugged in and charging, P gear, H brake on, depress brake pedal and press Start. Unplug and see



    Nice one, keep the tips coming!

    @sandy What should the tyre pressures be then?

    I don’t think I have made use of Hill Start yet, is it automatic?

    Another tip from me, more of a personal one really. I never used to use AC very much, and rarely was it on. Aith the Zoe of course it is on by default which uses battery power. If you switch the AC off via the button and don’t turn off the fan control when you exit the vehicle, the AC will remain off.

    If you turn the fan control to off, when you next manually adjust the temperature on auto, or fan speed, the AC will be back on.



    I don’t think I have made use of Hill Start yet, is it automatic?

    Yep. It’s kinda necessary; otherwise hill starts would be kinda clumsy. When you’re on a slope and you take your foot off the brake; the car will hold the brakes for a further 2 seconds to allow you to move your foot to the accelerator.

    Works really well; but I’m sure the cars behind me are always thinking “Wanker; why isn’t he using the handbrake? He’s gonna roll back and hit me when the lights change”!



    Here’s another “tip”… Don’t use the same postcodes to get to services on the return journey you did on the way, unless they’re at junctions! 😉

    We stopped at Stafford Services yesterday (Southbound, heading to Drayton Manor). Charged up and had about 70 miles range; and the park was 34 miles. Enough to get there and back (ish!). Due to roadworks and not taking the M6/Toll the whole way, we arrived with 52 miles charge to get back. Easy!

    When we got back in the car, I picked the services postcode from Recent Destinations, which told me around 49 miles (I forgot it was supposed to be 34 miles after the long day), so we had only 3 miles more than needed. Yikes! I drove all the way really carefully, with the fans on but AC off (and it was HOT). We were going to get there, but it was a bit warm! ;(

    Part-way along the journey it occurred to me that the services were not joined; so we hunted for the correct postcode (wife struggled to get internet working on her phone – I really need to print a list of Ecotricity postcodes out!) and discovered we had over 20 miles to spare!


    Won’t make that mistake again 😀


    Dr Steel

    Hi guys one of the best tips I can give is the spare tyre as I have said on this post before :

    After my first Puncher and the luck I had with it I took the AA guys advice and I always keep a spare wheel in the boot just incase I get another one, you simply call the number they come out and change your wheel and you get your tyre repaired without all the hassle of the dreaded gunge.

    And with my Zoe have the low profile 17in they are a nightmare for getting punchers

    Happy days 🙂


    Trevor Larkum

    Here’s another “tip”… Don’t use the same postcodes to get to services on the return journey you did on the way, unless they’re at junctions!

    Good point – I have a list of most services near me along with their postcodes, and I record whether it’s for northbound or southbound. Unfortunately some of them (at least along my stretch of the M1) use the same post code for both sides.



    I have a space-saver under a false-floor in the boot.
    I would never leave home without a spare wheel; let alone enter a motorway!

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