Core Equipment

The following equipment is provided with all Zoe trim levels.


  • Climate control air conditioning with temperature and humidity sensors
  • Renault keycard
  • Electric front windows
  • Height and reach adjustable steering wheel
  • Privacy glass to rear side and tailgate windows
  • RAID (Renault Anti-Intrusion Device) automatic door locking


Zoe Cruise Control / Speed Limiter (Image: Renault)
Zoe Cruise Control / Speed Limiter (Image: Renault)
Zoe Daytime Running Lights On (Image: Renault)
Zoe Daytime Running Lights On (Image: Renault)


  • R-Link voice controlled TomTom Satellite Navigation with 7″ touchscreen embedded tablet
  • USB port, Jack, SD multimedia, Bluetooth® hands-free phone capability and voice control

Specific Z.E. equipment

  • Chameleon charger allowing recharge between 30 mins and 9 hours
  • Charging cable (Type 2 Mode 3) with Z.E. bag
  • Charging socket at the front of the vehicle behind Renault logo
  • Eco-mode with activation/deactivation button
  • Econometer
  • Range OptimiZEr: Heat pump, bi-modal braking system and Michelin tyres ENERGY E-V (Michelin Energy™ E-V are not available for 17″ wheels)
  • TFT display with trip computer and driving style indicator
  • Z.E. Connect (remote monitoring of battery charge and estimated range)
  • Z.E. Pre-conditioning of interior ambiance from inside vehicle (activate air con / heater whilst charging)
  • Z.E. signature: chrome blue Renault logo and Z.E. rear badge

Equipment Packs

The Comfort Pack and Easy Pack are standard on the Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens, but are options on the Expression / Life.

Easy Pack

  • Rear parking sensors
Zoe Rear Parking Sensors (Image: Renault)
Zoe Rear Parking Sensors (Image: Renault)
  • Automatic headlight activation
  • Rain sensors and automatic windscreen wiper activation

Comfort Pack

  • Renault keycard with hands free functionality
  • Electric rear windows

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10 thoughts on “Equipment”

  1. Hello, firstly I do love the website, its a really great effort!
    I thought I would make my first post about the recent answers I have received from Renault regarding a few burning questions about Zoe that I have had for a while. I thought these Q&As may be of use to others too:

    Q What is excess mileage charge at over the 6,000 miles battery lease agreement?
    A The rate per mile over the mileage agreed is 12 pence.

    Q Is it possible to change the lease agreement part way through to increase the millage allowance per year if needed?
    A You can change the mileage and terms of the agreement at any time until 3 months before the end of the hire term.

    Q Will Renault likely upgrade the battery in Zoe over time when new technology becomes available (under the battery lease scheme)?
    A Yes, its very likely that Renault will offer new technologies as they become feasible and available in the market.

    Q Does Zoe have a Digital Radio or a traditional analogue radio tuner?
    A Unsure (Does anybody else know the answer to this?)

    Q Would there be a cost difference in electricity usage between either top-up charging the car every night or charging just once per week when its necessary?
    A Shouldn’t make much of a difference. (Can anybody maybe expand on this with a little more technical knowledge?)

    Q Can British Gas install us a charging point without us switching to them as our home energy supplier?
    A Yes they can! They can offer purely installation and maintenance if required. The install and maintenance is £799.00. They can install the wall box for domestic use which come in the options of 13amp, 16amp and 32amp wall boxes.

    Q What exactly does Zoe’s ‘Eco Button’ do and how does it affect the drive?
    A It would put the car into an Eco mode, reduces the heating system / air conditioning, and reduces things that aren’t necessarily being used.

    Q How much is Zoe’s 100 (ish) mile affected by traveling at average UK motorway speeds? Would this diminish the battery excessively?
    A Driving to the speed limits shouldn’t diminish the range too much, however other things such as the condition on the roads, if the area is quite hilly, fast acceleration and sudden braking will have more affect on the range. But driving at high speeds for long periods of time will affect it to some extent. (Again, is anyone able to expand on this, I expected high speeds of around 60 / 70 mph to have a very significant impact on range?)

    Q Like a regular fuel car would it be beneficial to turn the engine off when stationary for more than a couple of moments to save power?
    A The vehicle has a stop start automatic battery so when you take your foot off the accelerator and you come to a halt and you put the brake on it will stop apart from the heating and radio sound system.

    Q What Insurance Band is Zoe in?
    A Answer due in early 2013 on release of brochure.

    Q What is the difference between the standard keycard and the Zen’s / Intenses “Hands free functionality key” card?
    A Its completely hands free with no need to use the key card for entry and starting the car. Simply have it on your person and away you can go!

    Q What kind of public charging points are compatible with Zoe and which ones are not? How can you tell the difference?
    A The ZOE is the first electric vehicle with the Chameleon charger, which allows it to adapt to different currents at any charging station. ZOE is our only Z.E vehicle with rapid charge capabilities and the only one with the Chameleon charger to allow it to adapt to any charging point.

    Q If the battery was damaged in a accident how would that affect the battery lease and insurance claim?
    A Our Z.E Insurance number is: 0800 500 3108; they will have more information apparently.

    1. Andy, glad you like the website (and do comment on the forum page if you think that would be useful). Thanks for the ‘FAQ’ info!

      You mention a 6000 mile lease option, but all options are now costed (see:

      Whether you charge wholly or partly will cost the same, so long as it’s done on the same tariff (e.g. overnight). Arguably, if you have solar and want to use its wasted ‘export’ energy to charge your car for free you might benefit by doing it in small amounts during each day, but that’s a situation too complex to go into here.

      On most EVs the Eco button affects the degree of regeneration, but I haven’t heard if that’s true for the Zoe.

      Currently no UK public fast charging stations are compatible with the Zoe, AFAIK, as they’re only targetted at the LEAF so far, but that should change with time.

  2. Great bit of info Andy, interesting about the battery lease. We now know the 6,000 miles limit has been increased to 7500. Currently there are providers providing free at home charging points I think these are mainly in the Midlands and South East. I have attached the link for you to have a look at

    1. I’ve just heard – but can’t substantiate – that a fault with Renault Zoe’s charging system means that it appears to be burning out all the public charging pods as it takes too much current. And that some public pod providers have stopped issuing cards to Zoe owners until Renault fix the problem… So Renault are aware?… What does Renault say?

      1. Charles, there have been reported incompatibilities with the ZOE on certain chargers, but no ‘burning out’! If you have any reliable source for this claim please post it in the discussion forum.

  3. Thanks for the detailed responses! Interesting info about the 6,000 miles lease has now changed to 7,500! Is this definitely confirmed as the official Renault Z.E site still shows the £70.00 per month for 6,000 miles price?
    Also, thanks for seconding the opinion that the power usage would be the same top-up charging and full cycle charging (I do also have solar panels so good point there too!)
    Personally I live just outside an area offering the free charging point (shame that just 10mins down the road from where I live you can indeed save about £800 on the install!)

    I would definitely say that a forum would be ideal to further discuss all of these points and more 🙂

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