Zoe Dynamique Zen

Zoe Dynamique Zen Interior Trim (Image: Renault)
Zoe Dynamique Zen Interior Trim (Image: Renault)

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment for the Dynamique Zen comprises the Core Equipment, the Easy Pack and the Comfort Pack plus the following.


  • ‘Zen’ light interior ambience (light grey with white trim and light grey fabric upholstery) – upholstery has Teflon™ protection
Tropic Light Grey Upholstery Fabric (Image: Renault)
Tropic Light Grey Upholstery Fabric (Image: Renault)
  • ‘Zen Take Care Package by Renault’: active scent diffuser, toxicity sensor and purifying and relaxing ionizer
  • Leather steering wheel



  • 4x35W radio with “3D sound by Arkamys”, double antenna, 2 boomer speakers, 2 rear speakers and 2 tweeters

Specific Z.E. equipment

  • My Z.E. Inter@ctive pack – remote battery charging and air conditioning/heating activation
  • Z.E. Digital pack – remote access to R-Link store (e.g. email access)

Optional Equipment

  • 17” Tech Run alloy wheels (not available with MICHELIN Energy tyres)
  • Rear parking camera
  • Renault i.d. paint
  • Metallic paint
  • Renault i.d. metallic paint

Optional Services

  • Western Europe map for TomTom
  • TomTom Live services 3 year subscription

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8 thoughts on “Zoe Dynamique Zen”

  1. Ordered my ZOE a month back and expect to be available September.
    I’ve never had a car without a spare wheel and if ever I have had a puncture in the past, I have been able to fit the spare and continue my journey. However, I would not dream of going onto a motorway without a spare. Does anyone else share my concerns (neuroses)? I’m thinking of ordering a ‘get-you-home’ spare, as provided with most cars these days. Does Renault have one available? Is the one for Clio OK?

    1. Neil, welcome to the site. The ZOE comes with a punctured-tyre inflation system in a space under the boot – I’ve no experience of how good they are, though.

      The site is generally closed to comments, which is why pages like this are very quiet – you are however very welcome to join in discussions on the Forums (see link at top).

  2. just a few comments from me – i agree about the spare tire and think its safer to have an actual tire. also the repair kit in most cases will render the tire unusable after repair… so agree its better to carry a physical spare tire instead.

    also i discovered that renault cannot fit certain ‘extra’s once the car leaves the factory. e.g. i asked if i could add a reversing camera to my car once i took delivery to which i was told renault cannot do it…

  3. I leave a Clio wheel at home outside in order that a neighbor could bring it to me in an emergency. (Also do the same with the Renault Spider,Ford Mondeo wheel works on the front) Its not happened so far touch electrons, but I do wonder about the high tyre pressures of the Zoe.
    I don’t find the reversing camera too reliable,the lense is very wide but I guess its an extra safety device once you have checked the mirrors.The camera sometimes flashes rapidly for a few seconds sometimes before settling down,must mention it at the service time.
    When Trevor says “It will render the tire unusable after repair”,is that because the solvent inside the tire,has to be cleaned out?
    This Dy/Zen has no Scent dispenser,just a gimmick anyway?

  4. These specs are different to all others I’ve seen, including Renault’s own. Renault’s better be right or I’ll be very unhappy. Our order states dark interior too.

    Regarding the spare tyre, others have mentioned that the bundled breakdown service even recommend carrying a spare. A cheap get me home and have the repair fixed at your leisure. It’s what I intend to do.

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