Zoe Launch is Receding (Image: Renault)


Useful ZOE-related documents.

DescriptionTitleLinkApprox. Size (Mb)
ZOE Brochure (UK April 2016)"Renault ZOE Simply Revolutionary"Zoe-Brochure-April2016.pdf1.6
Chargemaster brochure ~June 2015Charging your Renault...Chargemaster Brochure.pdf3
ZOE Handbook (English)"ZOE Driver's Handbook"ZoeHandbook_ENG.pdf5.5
R-Link Handbook (English)"R-Link"000066_ENG_NW1048-1_ENG.pdf4
Battery Hire Lease AgreementBatteryHireLeaseAgreement.pdf0.1
Press Kit: ZOE"Renault ZOE - The Electric Supermini for Everyday Use"Renault_44470_global_en.pdf14

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    Ah, I spent ages trying to find the R-Link guide! Nice one, @appmacguy.

    I think I’ll be spending a bit of time “playing” with the Tomtom app – having used TomTom apps and PNDs for over 10 years, I’m really surprised that this version seems to be so limited. When I had a quick play in the test drive, it seemed like you couldn’t even enter a full postcode – that really surprised me. Call me daft, but I really thought it’d be very similar to the rest of their apps.


    jonesthe bees

    I had a Tom Tom in my camper van with similar characteristics. It got me lost on three occasions and was generally pretty useless. Someone did me the curtesy of removing it, shame they broke the drivers window to do it.



    I have a wish for one document.
    Can anyone provide a scanned COC-Certificate of conformity for RENAULT TWIZY?

    It would come very useful. Twizy is not yet sold in my country so noone hasn’t got any experience with it. I would like to buy it in Austria (though it’s dificult) but would like to get the government grant Slovenia promises-3000€. Since I don’t want to buy the car before I get the confirmation of grant eligibility I want to get solid information on the basis of a COC specimen.


    Trevor Larkum

    I’ve added a PDF on the mandatory R-Link update passed to me by jit187.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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