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Zoe in Motion (Image: Renault)
Zoe in Motion (Image: Renault)

This is a selection of reviews of the Zoe that include at least an element of driving by the writer – i.e. they are not just retreads of press releases and specification sheets, they are written by someone who has driven the Zoe. Most of them followed on the international Zoe launch in Lisbon where Renault provided a large number of Zoes for journalists to try out. They are arranged simply in alphabetical order by the name of the featured website.

This page covers English language reviews – reviews in other languages are on separate ‘child’ pages.

“ZOE fills the gap for an all-electric, zero emissions hatchback that looks and drives like an everyday car”


“In city traffic the Zoe makes even more sense. It waits patiently and silently at the lights, surrounded by clattery, time-served diesels that seem like relics. When the lights switch to green, the Zoe streaks ahead of dawdling hatchbacks to snick into gaps. It’s a brilliant urban car.”


“The thing that impressed us most is that the ZOE feels just like any other supermini to drive – and in our book that makes it the best fully electric car yet”

Auto Express (Zoe)

“As it’s so easy to use and cheap to run, the ZOE’s a plausible everyday electric car”

Auto Express (Zoe Zen)

“This is the best electric car we’ve driven so far, with neat handling and impressive grip”

AutoTrader – First Drive

“Why buy? Because it makes you feel like Joe Ninety. It also emits no carbon, could shrink your bills considerably and is thoroughly pleasant to drive and sit in.”

AutoTrader – Expert Review

“the Zoe is the most acceptable and affordable EV to arrive in the UK yet, embracing good looks, practicality and driveability.”

Business Car

“Re-assuringly ‘normal’ and stylish, and with those unbeatable running costs.”

Business Car Manager

“Overall the Renault Zoe joins the Nissan LEAF as the two main EVs that have real world practical applications.”


“an electric vehicle that makes affordable sense against traditional opposition”

Car and Van News

“The Renault Zoe isn’t just a rival for other electric cars, it offers a genuine alternative to conventional superminis, too.”

Car Buyer

“the Zoe is a viable and cost-effective option”

Car Dealer Magazine

“it looks great, has bags of character, and drives pretty well too and it’s clear that Renault has launched the first brilliant electric vehicle”

Car Magazine

“Plug-in city car is quick off the mark”


“hit the accelerator and the Zoe positively leaps forward, gaining speed with silent and effortless muscle”


“It isn’t just a good electric car, it’s a good supermini in its own right.”

Expert Reviews

“a turning point for EVs in a business role”

Fleet Directory

“The ZOE is a cute, good-looking car that’s remarkably easy to drive”

Fleet News

“the ZOE is a brilliant little car, the first EV that genuinely feels like you could live with every day”

Fleet World

“Enjoyable, innovative, affordable Renault Zoe demonstrates rate of EV progress”


“The new Renault ZOE is a game changer for electric cars – from £13,995, it’s half the price of a Nissan LEAF, it has a longer range (130 miles), it’s good to drive and it’s well designed”

Green Car Guide

“it could really be the vehicle that turns people on to electric driving”

Green Car Reports

“The car felt effortless and capable at high speed, with torque of 220Nm delivered from a standstill”

Green Car Website

“its on-board charger and affordable price make it a must-try for anyone on the lookout for a small family hatchback”

Green Car Website

“At last, common sense in the suburbs”

Honest John

“Here, at last, is an electric car you really could own.”

The Independent

“Simple and functional, it’s better built than one would expect from a car priced in the low teens – it’s an electric people’s car if there ever was one.”

Left Lane News

“As the newest EV on the market it’s probably not a surprise that the ZOE is a lot better than its rivals. What is a surprise is just how much better it is AND just how good it is for the price.”


“The Zoe is Renault’s best electric vehicle yet, combining a useable range and quick recharging times with nippy performance. It’s a well-executed, practical and stylish package.”


“Convincing Renault Zoe Will Become Best-Seller”

Plugin Cars

“Zoe drivers will enjoy all the benefits of a highly refined supermini that’s quick, quiet and very easy to drive”


“I really liked the Renault Zoe, it’s an excellent car to drive and would be more than adequate for 90% of car journeys, as are all other electric cars.”

Robert Llewellyn’s Blog

“the car is a blast to drive”

Red Ferret

“At last, an affordable, practical, decent looking e-car. WOOT”

The Register

“the first truly viable electric option for a lot of people”


“The Zoe suddenly makes electric driving a viable — and desirable — option.”

Scottish Sun

“Suddenly, any conventional combustion hatchback seems absolutely antediluvian”

Tech Radar

“The Renault Zoe could be the most desirable electric car yet”


“might just be the most attractive electric vehicle currently on sale”

This is Plymouth

“the new Renault Zoe is the first and so far only electric car I have yet driven that I would consider buying myself.”

This is Staffordshire

“on the road, it’s a nippy little thing and feels quicker than the figures suggest. It’s obviously happiest around town, where the instant hit of the electric torque is felt best, but even at motorway speeds, the Zoe keeps up with other traffic easily”

Top Gear

“This slightly eerie, uninterrupted stream of power is matched to light and predictable steering, making the Zoe relaxing yet fun around town.”

What Car

“… this could be just the car for you. Acceleration is brisk and the ride is surprisingly enjoyable.”


“The humble Zoe is the first electric car to bring the joys of zero emission motoring to the masses. And just like a French pastry, we think you’ll find it irresistible.”

Zero Carbon World

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    Trevor Larkum

    Added a second Green Car Website review.

    I’ve mostly given up on adding reviews as there are so many already, however this one has interesting comments on the benefits of the Chameleon charger.


    Trevor Larkum

    Added Red Ferret review.


    Trevor Larkum

    A new one from BBC Radio Suffolk:

    The Gadget Man



    Thanks Trevor,
    This is my local radio station though I rarely listen to it so missed this dicussion etc., but friends of ours had mentioned it.
    I decided to reply to it to clarify some of the points raised and to endorse the excellent support provided by Peter Frost and his team at Bristo’s Ipswich.

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