Zoe Delivered Without Occasional Charging Cable

Zoe Occasional Charging Cable (Image: Renault)
Zoe Occasional Charging Cable (Image: Renault)

There have been discussions on the French Zoe forum about the occasional use charging cable that is available for the Zoe, similar to that for the Fluence and Kangoo. This type of cable is not the one that is used to connect to a dedicated wallbox EVSE. Instead it is for charging away from home by plugging directly into a domestic socket, for example when visiting relatives (and is therefore sometimes known as a ‘granny cable’).

In particular there have been complaints at the suggestion that it might not come free automatically with the car. A recent article now indicates that it won’t even be available as an option when the Zoe is first delivered, but it may become available at an unspecified later date. The reason given is that it has not passed long term testing.

Meanwhile another French site has given the revised date for the first Zoe deliveries as June.

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    Trevor Larkum

    There have been discussions on the French Zoe forum about the occasional use charging cable that is available for the Zoe, similar to that for the Flu
    [See the full post at: Zoe Delivered Without Occasional Charging Cable]



    Well, that would suck big time. I can only reach my parents one way (in a relatively dead zone chargepoint wise in Holland). Since I usually overnight it’s no problem, but I was assuming having a regular granny cable or adapter would be included. No aftermarket solutions available yet (perhaps some Leaf experiences)?



    My understanding is that this charge cable was never included as standard. Conversations I’ve had with a ZE rep at the VIP evening yielded that it would be an additional purchase of a few hundred pounds, and this was confirmed by customer services on the phone.



    My actual understanding was that the cable for the UK was able to take any charge just the same as the charging unit within the car.  This is what is on the Renault website in the UK

    Specific Z.E. equipment- Charging socket at the front of the vehicle
    Charging cable – chameleon (one cable for fast and standard charge)
    – Charging cable in a bag
    – My Z.E. Connect pack

    I’ll be taking a snapshot of this and won’t be happy if it alters, there are after market cables that are available, on another EV forum Leaftalk, there are links to Zero Carbon World who supply various cables. Not sure if they send to Europe or not but worth checking out.

    I’m already in touch with Renault Customer Services at Head Office as I’ve vented my frustrations in regards to the delays.



    The domestic plug EVSE cable is optional for the Kangoo and Fluence.  I never expected it to be included with Zoe.   It will be a different part since the Zoe is a Type 2 connector at the car end.


    The cable that Zero Carbon world sells isn’t an EVSE cable.  It connects from Type 1 at the car end to Type 2 at the charger end.   ZeroCarbonWorld appear to be getting out of the retail business.  No more charge stations for sale and the cables are “Limited Stock Left”.

    The cable that comes with a Kangoo or Fluence is Type 1 at the car end and Type 2 at the charger end.

    Presumably the Chameleon cable that comes with the Zoe is Type 2 at both ends.


    Trevor Larkum

    There’s another French report on the cable:


    – if I understand it correctly, it’s saying that Renault have dropped plans to produce the cable at all because of its poor performance at low power.




    If I may ask a ”blonde” question 🙂  (for lack of a better word-sorry blondes)

    Does this mean, that ZOE cannot be charged at home, or can it be charged at home only with aditional cost (cable, charging unit).

    I thought chameleon charger will answer all the questions of different power and socket types.



    Mitsch: My understanding is that’s completely correct. You’ll now need a home-charging point, although Renault will be offering the installation costs as part of the finance package.

    Charging through a regular home socket would’ve been a really bad idea for regular use though – very large drain on the circuit (meaning you probably couldn’t charge at the same time as using a power shower and/or an electric cooker), and very slow charge time.



    I understand that it could put a drain on power usage in the home, however, a large majority of people would plan to put on to charge overnight when electricity is cheaper.

    Its just another way to ensure that you ‘have’ to use their distributor for a charging point and they get to charge what they want, I’ve seen the details for the Smart ED’s link up, the basic charging unit is £600 and another £600 to install it, this includes various length’s of cable’s, ducting etc, presumably if you require more it will cost even more, £1200 for a charging point seems extremely expensive, Leaf is about £800, British Gas and EDF charge about £700, BG also let you pay it over 12 months interest free(wow).  It seems from visiting other forums on how many people just use a normal socket for trickle charging, and the Zoe was supposed to be able to take any power from a normal household socket to 43kw fast charger and you get charged extra depending on how many times you use a rapid charger (assuming that the on board computer holds that info till service time)



    Yes this is another disappointment. Let’s hope it will be possible to buy an aftermarket one.

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